Our Process

Easy In, Easy Out, Easy Money

Entering the yard

Come into either one of our user friendly yards, at 257 Annex rd, drive through the main gate and stop at our scales on your left. A friendly staff member will come and see what you require, unload and weigh your products, then you’ll move into our office for payment, once the payment process is complete, you can follow the loop around to exit the yard, no having to reverse your trailer out or trying to turn around in yard, all one way traffic. So, easy in and easy out.

At our 147 Maces rd site, we have a weighbridge to help with any big loads of steel as well as platform scales for any aluminium, copper, brass, lead and stainless steel products. Once you pull into the yard, you’ll see the entrance to our office signposted on your left, pop in here and a friendly staff member will guide you in the right direction and provide you with any PPE that may be required when onsite. Anything over $1000 cash we’ll pay via Bank Deposit. You will require government issued photo ID to complete transaction, drivers license, passport, firearms license etc.

Uplift from yours

Call our office during opening hours to schedule a pickup from your address, there just needs to be sufficient product there to make it worthwhile for us. We can discuss this on the phone. We will come and pick up the product & then generally we will take it away to sort and weigh, then we will make up the payment for you to either uplift from our yard or we can organise delivery.

Business pickups

We can come and discuss with you on site about your needs and requirements. We can deliver a few different size skips, bins and hook bins to suit your needs, there is no charge at all applied to any of these being delivered.

A Division of Minemet Group

Annex Metals Middleton
Yard: 257 Annex Road, Christchurch
Phone: 64-3-348 3205

Open Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am to 4:30pm
Saturday: 8am to 12pm
Sunday: closed

Annex Metals Bromley
Yard: 147 Maces Road, Bromley
Phone: 64-3-348 3205

Open Hours:
Monday to Friday: 8am to 4.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: closed

Contact Annex Metals

Feel free to Contact Us and speak with one of our friendly staff or else feel free to bring your scrap metal directly to us.