About Us

Annex Road Metals is part of Minemet Group of Companies

Annex Road Metals works to build value-added relationships with it’s entire customer base,from the individual tradesman to large corporate Companies.

Since its inception, Annex Road Metals has made a commitment to building and establishing long-term relationships with all our client base and welcome the opportunity to create new relationships.

Annex Road Metals can supply Container loads of Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Copper And Brass etc. We are specialists in Sabot, 6063 Extrusion, Litho Plate, Tense, Taint Tabour and Tough Taboo. We export significant quantities of ‘Non Ferrous’ every year according to International Specifications, using both 20ft and 40ft general and open top containers.

Our markets include: Europe, China, Thailand, India, Korea, Japan and Australia.

Our company prides itself in its customer relations and we are committed to continue to deliver the right products in the right volume at the right time all around the globe.